Hear from our Talents!

lady, sax, musician

Nalla Gbadamosi

World-Renowned African Sax Player

“I hold the agency close to my heart. They are, in a way, my family for all they have done & all the people I've met".

woman, asian, dress
"Some of my fondest memories have come from the agency. Every event was truly an experience".
Arianna Lim
Mandolin Player
“People like me are often shy to do our best. That's where Prodigy Agency differs. They teach you to be brave enough to perform".
Michael Cierra
Bass Player for Sahara
"My insecurities disappeared when I decided to join the agency. They were friendly and welcoming. And those led me to star in Broadway productions beyond my dreams".
Ziad Yusof
Broadway Actor
""All my life, I wanted to star in a theatrical or musical event. The agency has granted me that dream".
Imani Chambers
Broadway Actor
“Fight for what you believe. From modelling for my local supermarket to being on Nike posters, I carry that to this day”.
Jamal Harris
Model for Amsterdam Divine
"Believe it or not, I learned to model from my time in the agency as I originally auditioned as an actor! But they helped me find my way".
Cynthia Robinson
Television Model