There's always a tomorrow.

At Prodigy Casting, we don’t choose based on talent but bring out the talent in you. From being a model to performing in musical events our agency will shine the spotlight on you!

Starring Some of Our Closest Clients


Your Time to Shine.

Our agency has casted some of the best models and performers in the industry, letting them truly shine at what they do.


Strut your stuff in the skin you are in, as Prodigy Casting does not discriminate when it comes to our models.


We facilitate all types of acting, be it classical, modern, method acting or practical aesthetics.

Musical Performing

Every voice deserves to be heard. Explore your musical freedom with us through a multitude of instruments and genres

Elijah Summers

Award-Winning Chekov Technique Performer

“If there's one thing I can tell y0u, it's that Prodigy Casting cares about its talents. After being rejected by several agencies, they welcomed me with open hands, and made me into the man I am today”

in Events of a Lifetime!

Prodigy Casting not only casts our talents in the field of their choice, but we prioritize the industry’s biggest giants so that you can work with the best of the best. We also provide consultation services in case you are unsure of what company to work with.  Rest assured, we’ll give you a chance to perform in the brightest limelight you’ll ever experience.

With an established network of Musical Talents, Models, and Actors alike, you’ll perform in big time events! Our models have gone global, from runways in Amsterdam to fashion shows in Los Angeles. Our actors have landed roles in numerous television and film roles, some of which were Netflix blockbusters.  



Carmen Desposito

Runway Model in Africa

“When I first started my journey with Prodigy Casting, I was a young girl scared to chase her dreams. Now I've gained the courage to fly and unlock my true potential”